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I maintain several repeaters around the Big Island and most of the equipment was donated or purchased by me or others in the group. Any help or donations would be greatly appreciated.


Internet Connectivity Networks

HBlink DMR Server - Cloud Based
HBLink DMR Server Monitor

Brandmeister TG 310745 Monitor

P25 Reflector 3115 Monitor
YSF Reflector 51123 Monitor

KH7MS  Repeater Net DMR/P25 Talkgroups:

 All MMDVM repeaters are linked to BrandMeister & the HBlink DMR Server

Static Talkgroups on the system: (All repeaters use CC 1)

Hawaii TAC 1 TG 311551 TS 1

Hawaii County TG 31153 TS 1

Hawaii 1 TG 3115 TS 2 (Dynamic) & All other talkgroups TS 2

Tech net TG 310745 TS 1

West Hawaii TG 9 TS 2

East Hawaii TG 9 TS 1

DMR HBLINK: TG 9 TS 1 and 2 Similcasting on Holualoa, Honaunau, Pahala, Ocean view, Hilo, Volcano & Na'alehu repeaters 

 P25 Talkgroup 3115 NAC 293



Hawaii DMR Net Information:

**Update: 10-8-22** Saturday at 8:00am HST on talkgroup 311551

Hawaii TAC 1

 Hawaii County Siren Net Information:

We have a Hawaii County Siren Net every first working day of the month at 11:45 am on the linked Big Island DMR repeaters on the "Hawaii County" talkgroup 31153. When checking in please give net control the following information; your callsign, first name and general location. For example: "This is KH7MS, Blake Princess Kaiulani and Tiki Siren heard weak." Please give the nearest cross streets, or well known location or building and if you heard the siren strong, weak or not at all. All reports are sent to Hawaii County Civil Defense.

KH7MS Repeater Net

444.950 Ocean view Motorola XPR8300
444.950 Pahala MMDVM
444.950 Na'alehu MMDVM
443.400 Volcano MMDVM
444.950 Hilo MMDVM
444.950 Honaunau MMDVM
444.400 Holualoa MMDVM
443.400 Upper Ocean view MMDVM
145.410 Ocean view VHF Motorola XPR8400
*146.880 Ocean view VHF TESTING NXDN & YSF* MMDVM

Ocean view GMRS Repeater

 462.700 (+) Ocean view/South Point GMRS (South Hawaii) (Open) PL 103.5 

Local area coverage 
GMRS repeater Callsign: "WRDI534"

 You need a GMRS license to use this repeater

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