Want to share a codeplug? Mail it to us at! Please include your name and call sign, the radio make and model as well as the CPS version you are using, location and a summary of what is included on the codeplug.


Radioddity GD-77 Sample codeplug by WH6DYI. CPS 3.1.1 - Includes the Big Island west side DMR repeaters, DMR simplex for both VHF and UHF, FRS, MURS and more. - wh6dyi_demo_gd77cp.dat


Radioddity GD-77 Sample codeplugs by KH7MS - 0303_130254-wh6cpd-03-03-19.dat - 0621_205736-gd-77-kau-kh7ms.dat


Yaesu FT-70D Sample Codeplug by KH7MS. - ft-70d-04-08-19-kh7ms.ft70d


Anytone 878UV Sample codeplug by AE7GQ - 878-fw-1_10-apr-8-no-id.rdt